The 5E8A DoubleDawg LunchBox head is here.

I’m always curious as to what someone might suggest for me to build for them, and the most recent request was for a 5E8A low power tweed Twin. What made this one unique was that he was looking for that circuit in a LunchBox head. After some planning it looked like it was a definite possibility so I committed to working up the build for him. The 5E8A DoubleDawg LunchBox is now a reality with the result being a very nice fit for the chassis and the circuit turned out to be “loud & proud” just like it should. So here’s the pics of the first 5E8A DoubleDawg LunchBox.

kevin's finished amp lfkevin's finished amp rrkevin's finished amp bottomkevin's finished amp frontkevin's finished amp rear

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