6G2 ChocoPrince

The Fender 6G2 Brown Princeton is one of the amps that you seldom hear about, yet it’s also one of the sweetest amps to play. It’s a single channel that uses a single volume & tone control, but it also has the true tube bias modulated tremolo that gives that deep throb to you music.

I’ve had good success with building them as the ChocoPrince LunchBox head, but thought it’d be good to also offer it in a more traditional head or combo. I kept waiting for someone to offer a reproduction style chassis for the 6G2 Princeton and finally decided to to come up with my own solution instead. So I ordered some head & combo cabs and here’s the final result for the effort as both versions are now available.

6G2 combo front6G2 combo rear

6G2 head front6G2 head rear

finished chassis interior

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