Li’l Dawg 5F10 Harvard builds

I recently had the opportunity of building a different circuit from my usual offerings, and what was an added bonus for me was that I had two different customers within 30 days asking for the same amp but in different configurations.

The amp circuit was the 5F10 Harvard which in my opinion was one of the most under-rated of the Fender tweeds, and an incredible amp to play. The first of the two amps was done in a traditional chrome chassis but since there aren’t any available for the 5F10 I substituted the 5F2A Princeton chassis and added the extra input jack & tube sockets. The second was a LunchBox head which affords me the fun of extra layout work as well as more time drilling & punching the chassis.

So here’s some pics of each of the builds to show how they turned out.

5F10 chrome chassis interior

5F10 chrome chassis rear

5F10 chrome chassisfront

5F10 LB  rr

5F10 LB amp lf

5F10 LB bottom

5F10 LB front

5F10 LB rear

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