New JTM45/50 Plexi style LunchBox build

Another friend here locally asked about the possibility of a project build that sounded very interesting to me. The circuit itself is offered by many other amp builders but the thought of a JTM45 style LunchBox was just too good to pass up. The customer specified some specific details like the option of using the original 5881 or 6L6GC tubes like the JTM45 as well as the EL34 tubes that the JTM50 Plexi amp used. So after doing some different chassis layouts I felt like I came up with one that would work well with what the customer wanted so I committed to the build. I think the amp turned out nicely & the customer was very happy when he stopped by here to pick it up. So here’s the pics of the build for you.

JTM45 front

JTM45 rear

JTM45 lf

JTM45 rr

JTM45 bottom

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