non-reverb WonderDawg LunchBox

I recently had a request by someone for a single channel, non-reverb amp that used the blackface AB763 circuit as the platform, and it needed to be a small head with 25 watts of output. After some discussion we settled on the WonderDawg for the platform to begin with, and after removing the reverb portion of the circuit I was able to fit the circuit into a 12×8 enclosure which was exactly what the customer was hoping for. One of the added benefits of this amp was that with the transformer set used it’s also possible to re-bias for use with 6V6GT, 5881, or 6L6GC power tubes. The amp does have external taps & adjustment pot for biasing without the need to remove the cage or bottom, or the need for an amp tech as I sent along detailed instructions of the process as well as pics of it being done on the amp to the customer.

WD LB lfWD LB rr

WD LB frontWD LB rear

WD LB bottom

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