The SuperMutt is here !!

I recently had a customer ask for a custom build that was very interesting, and after discussing how to put everything together in a nice looking package we were able to accomplish both the appearance as well as the tone & feel of the amp that he was hoping for.

What he wanted was a tweed circuit like the 5F4 Super but he needed a full tone stack like the 5F6A Bassman, and he wanted to keep the overall volume down some as well. So what we came up with was a hybrid circuit using the 5F6A pre-amp married to a 5F4 power section. With the output lowered to the 25 watt level the customer was also able to run either 6V6GT or 6L6GC tubes with a simple re-bias. The amp turned out great and it fits inside the 5F6A chassis like it was made for it. It also retained the nice feel & response of the 5F4 Super but had the added clarity & detail that the 5F6A pre-amp added to the mix.

chrome front

chrome rear

chrome interior

I mentioned this as a possible new amp to offer to another customer and he decided on the same amp but as a LunchBox head. He also thought the name that I first thought of calling it was appropriate so the SuperMutt is going to be the next amp from Li’l Dawg now.

LB front

LB rear

LB interior

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