Using the line out on the Li’l Dawg

There are various ways to add a line out to an amp so I thought it good to explain how to use the style that I add to the amps.  The same line out is used on all of my amps from the 5F1 Champster & 5E3 D-Lux, 5F4 SuperDawg, 5F6A TopDawg and even the 5E8A DoubleDawg.  So let’s take a quick look at the proper use of that option offers.  The line out that I use is not a compensated line out that approximates the amp’s tone by use of equalization, but it’s a simple & effective addition to the amp that doesn’t affect the amp’s original tone at all.  In fact, since it’s tapped right off the speaker output jack it also adds the amp’s response to the speaker so that the signal going to the soundboard has more liveliness & dynamics happening as well.

Just to be on the safe side please keep in mind that the signal can be quite hot for the input of another amp or processor, so I do suggest turning the amp’s volume down as well as the input of the other amp or board until you see how they respond to each other.  As when you connect any two pieces of gear together you may experience some ground loop issues which may need to be addressed.

Also, the line out that I use doesn’t offer “silent recording” though, so you need to have a speaker load on the amp at all times.  There are silent or dummy load box type units available for that purpose that are available from other sources.

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