Brown Amps

Brown AmpsThe years of the Fender brown amps ran from ’59-’63 with the majority being made during ’61-’63. The era of the tweed circuits was winding down and a transition was taking place as Fender was looking to the future. Vibrato or tremolo was standard on most of the brown amps, and though their production was short lived they made quite an impact on a lot of players. Hard to find but still in demand, the brown amps have a definite place in a lot of music genres.

Another one of those special times came along when a good friend asked if I would build him one of the brown amps. Since I have so much fun with the tweeds I was a bit reluctant at first but then said I’d look into it. We talked back and forth a bit finally deciding on the 6G3 brown Deluxe as the build, and since those chassis’ are hard to find it would be built as a “LunchBox”. The amp delivered exactly what Mark wanted, and it broadened my horizon to where I decided to offer both the brown Deluxe and the brown Princeton. Once again, the “candy store” concept turned out to be the right thing for Li’l Dawg Amps.