The ChocoPrince

The ChocoPrince is based on the 6G2 Brown Princeton circuit and is another example of the transitional amps between the tweed and the blackface models. So what you get is the fatter tone of the tweeds with more gain like the blackface amps from the two 12AX7s in the pre-amp section. Add in fixed bias for a tighter feel, plus the foot switch-able tube bias modulated tremolo, and you have a smaller amp suitable for recording, home, or taking to the club for a gig.

Like it’s predecessor, the ChocoPrince is a single channel design with high & low inputs, volume and tone controls, and speed and intensity controls for the tremolo function.

The traditional tube compliment is 1 5Y3GT, 2 6V6GT, and 2 12AX7. I offer JJ sets of 1 GZ34, 2 6V6GT or 6L6GC, and 2 12AX7 as current production tubes. I do offer 12 & 25 watt output transformer options to match your need on the ChocoPrince.

The ChocoPrince is also now available as a combo or head as well as a chassis build or as a self-contained head I call the LunchBox.

6G2 combo front6G2 combo rear

6G2 head front6G2 head rear

6G2 Brown Princeton - ChocoPrince6G2 Brown Princeton - ChocoPrince