Tweed Amps

5E3 Tweed Deluxe
When you think of the amps that had the most influence on music, I believe the Fender tweed amps of the late ’50s, like the Tweed Deluxe have to be at the top of the list. The variety, innovation, power, and most importantly the tone, set the Fender tweeds apart from anything else being offered at the time and for years to come.

There are quite a few amps available today, and to some extent they all have their beginnings in the legacy that Leo Fender left behind. Lil Dawg Amps is included in that group as well, and it’s with a nod to Leo that I try to maintain an open mind to innovation with my versions of his timeless circuits.

I do offer the traditional tweed builds in reproduction chrome chassis’ and dark lacquered reproduction tweed cabinets. I also understand that some people like to have their amps a bit more personalized so I also offer deeper cabs, over-sized cabs, or different speaker configurations upon request. For example, when I started with the 5F1 Champ circuit in a 1×12 combo I didn’t realize how popular it was to become with my customers. My LunchBox builds are another that are steadily gaining in popularity.

I’ve also found that letting customers decide what they wanted often gave me great ideas as well. A good example of that would be the “Mutt”, which is part 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and part 5F1 Champ. So making the buying experience along the lines of “going to a candy store” is a great way to find out what players really want as well as stretching the notion a little on this amp build.